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2013-12-26 16:34


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On this site you will find out about things of personal interest to me, such as general electronics, microcontrollers and embedded systems, motion control, robotics and CNC machinery.


The whole site is very much a work in progress so please bare with me. There may be some frustration navigating thru the site. I'm working on it....


Latest updates:

2013-12-26: Added a page showing the spindle upgrade on my DIY CNC mill. Here.

2013-03-09: Added a story about cheap EBAY lab/test cables. Here.

2013-02-23: Updated the Mach3, backlash and CV note. Here.

2013-02-14: Added note on Mach3, backlash comp, CV and stalling motors. Here.

2012-03-18: Complete Rev.C kits available, please see bottom of the miniMODBUS page

2012-02-28: Updated the MiniMODBUS page with rev.C (PCB's available)

2012-02-06: Added pricing and more details regarding the servo processor module.

2012-01-13: Uploaded revised datasheet and manual for the servo processor module.

2011-08-13: Added tutorial on setting up Mach3 for use with the MiniMODBUS board.

2011-08-12: Added page regarding my DIY MODBUS device - the MiniMODBUS.

2011-04-16: Added a page about using serial communication from a Mach3 macro/script.

2011-04-15: A limited number of differential receiver boards available for sale

2010-09-13: Added info on differential encoder board and isolator.

2010-06-02: Added dedicated page for the servo module ("UHU upgrade")

2009-11-26: Added a page on various ways to interface Mach3 to existing hardware.

2009-09-30: Added a lot of info about the Abene project, most of it to the electronics section.

2009-09-22: Site has been temporarily down, pictures not working etc for a while but now it should be OK. I plan to clean it up and add a few things during the coming days.

2009-01-12: Wow, over a year without any updates.... The reason is basically because I've been working on my latest project - a Mach3 retrofit of an 1986 Abene VHF-3 milling machine. For more info see: Abene milling machine project.

2007-11-02: Rearanged the navigation "menu" on the left hand side of the page.

2007-11-01: Added more info about Mach3 BRAINs, MODBUS etc.

2007-10-31: Added more CUBLOC/Mach3 information.

2007-10-30: Updates made to the BT30 spindle project.

2007-10-29: Added Mach3-VB and Mach3-CUBLOC (both are work in progress)

2007-09-30: Cleanup.....

2007-09-29: Updates made to the BT30 spindle project.

2007-09-21: Page uploaded to the 'net for the first time. Lots of editing to make photos and such work correctly.

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