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They are wonderful little critters ranging from the tiny 6-pin 10F200 to the huge 33FJ256 and beyond. They come with loads of built in features, are easy to program and they are cheap. They are the PIC family microcontrollers from Microchip and this section of the site is dedicated to them.

Like many before me my interests in PIC's started when I got one of the original BasicStamp1 from Parallax some 10 years ago. I quickly outgrew it and got the next step up - the BasicStamp2 which is really nice microcontroller running interpreted basic. When I needed another BS2 for a project I realised that this was going to be an expensive path. So when the PicStartPlus package was on sale from a retailer got it and the PicBasic compiler from MicroEngineeringLabs. This compiler is backwards compatible with the BasicStamp language so it was the natural way to go. Later on, with the family of available PIC's growing fast, I upgraded the compiler to the PRO-version which is what I'm using now. 


My intention with this section of the site is to supply information about my own projects in hope that will help fellow PIC users to use them.

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