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2009-09-30 15:25

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Mach3 Customzing

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Mach3 MODBUS - Writing the BRAIN


So now we have the state of our three digital inputs and one analog value constantly and automaticly updated inside Mach3 at 100mS intervals. Mach3 is also updating the three outputs on the CUBLOC every 200mS. But now isn't really doing anything yet. The last piece of the pussle will be handled by a piece of logic inside Mach3 called a BRAIN. A BRAIN is kind of like a small PLC program running inside of Mach3. There are some good video tutorials about BRAINS on the Machsupport video support site so I won't go into too much details here, just show you how to use what we've set up on the CUBLOC.


Here's a screenshot of how to setup the input to the BRAIN to get input P5 on the CUBLOC. Remember that we are using the Modbus Plugin and reading P5, P6 and P7 into Modbus Cfg#1. So P5 is available at Cfg#1 - adress 0, P6 at Cfg#1 - adress 1 and so on.


Since we really just want to pass this signal thru to the Cycle Start function of Mach3 we add a No Operation command and then terminates it to Cycle Start. (Make sure to watch the videos if you don't know what I'm talking about here).






This screenshot shows the termination dialog of the BRAIN editor. Basicly what we are doing is "pushing" the CycleStart button with our MODBUS input. As you can see I've selected ButtonPress and then selected the CycleStart button in the dropdown list.




The two remaining buttons, Feedhold and Stop are added to the BRAIN in the same way. And with all three buttons added it should look something like this:



Now when we press the button connected to P5 we activate Cycle Start. P6 activates Feedhold and P7 Stop - COOL.



The Feedrate overide is almost as simple as the buttons. The value from the pot comes into Cfg#2 and since we are reading one value only it has to be at adress 0. But since the CUBLOC has a 10bit ADC the value ranges from 0 to 1023 and a feedrate override of 1023% is probably a little too much so we have to scale it down some. Obviously this can be done in the CUBLOC before the value is sent to Mach3 but we are going to do it inside the BRAIN.

First we add the input, just as with the buttons but Adress 0 of Cfg#2 but this time we don't tick the Bit Only checkbox since we want the whole value and not just a single bit. Then, instead of the No Operation we select Formula.


Our input value range is between 0 and 1023. If we divide that by 9 we have a value ranging from 0 to 113 - that's pretty good for feedrate override.


The last thing to do for the FRO pot is to send our scaled value to the feedrate override DRO. Add a termination to the lobe, click DRO's and select DRO 821-Feed Ovrd.




Finally let's look at the outputs. Let's say we want one output to reflect the E-stop state of Mach3. The second output should show if a program is running and the last one will be used to turn on our coolant but ONLY when the Z-axis below 0. (Not really a pendant function but it serves the purpose of this document...)


We start by adding an input to our brain but this time we select the LEDs button instead of MODBUS.

In the dropdown list of available LEDs we select number 19-ESTOP. This LED is ON when Mach3 is in E-stop mode - exactly what we are looking for.

Since the LED directly reflects the state we are intersted in we don't have to do any further processing so we add a No Operation and finally we terminate the lobe to a MODBUS output. Our outputs are in Cfg#0 and we want the first output so we enter adress 0.





The second one is alot trickier due to the internal complexities of Mach3. There's no real fire proof way to be SURE if a program is running but we have a few signals we can use to bring us quite close to catching all circumstances.


Let's add a couple of new inputs, 999-IsMoving, 111-Partial Line Holding, 804-RUN, & 813-Dwell In Effect. Now OR all four together by selecting them all and adding an "OR-gate". Finally terminate the lobe to MODBUS Output, Cfg#0 Adress 1.


Now, even with these four signal OR'd there ARE circumstances that may make the output go OFF even though a program is "active". One of these are if you press feedhold and the machine happens to hold exactly at the end of a G-code line.


The last output should be ON when coolant is turned on but ONLY if Z is below 0. So the first input we need is the LED telling us if coolant is requsted, LED 13-Flood On seems like a good fit for that. Next we need to know if the Z-axis is below 0 so we add DRO 804-Z Position as an input too. Select the Z-position "input" and add a compare lobe to it - Compare Immediate Less than 0.

Now select the Flood On lobe and the Compare Imm lobe and AND them together with a 2-input AND lobe. Finally terminate it to MODBUS output Cfg#0 Adress 2. By now your complete brain should look something like this:



Hopefully it works too. In Mach3 select Operator/Brain Control and click Reload all Brains. Then select the previously created Brain and enable it. If you want you can view it as it runs by clicking the View Brain button.

Have fun!


/Henrik Olsson.



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