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2009-10-02 18:09

CNC Abene





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CNC - Abene VHF-3 - Electrical part 1

Introduction and background.


When I first got the machine it had the orignal analog SCR amplifiers (Indramat 3TRM2) for the axis drive motors.  Initially, the idea was to use a product called Pixie made by Skyko that sits between Mach3 with its digital step and direction interface and the analog servo amplifier. The encoder feedback then goes to the Pixie card which closes the position loop. This didn't work out for two reasons...

First, the Pixies were discontiued because the owner of the company found a better paying job - can't blaim him for that. Second, the powersupply for the SCR amps was a HUGH transformer that runs on 400V single phase (well actually it's two phases to get 400VAC but never mind) and since I want to be able run it on an ordinary 16A outlet I wanted to spread the load as evenly as possible across all three phases.


So, I started to look for a suitable servo-drive.... The motors I got with the machine is of the larger varity, at least when compared to the average home CNC retrofit. The X and Y motors are rated 19A contionus and 150A peak while the Z motor is rated 24A continous and 200A peak.


The Z-axis motor, to the right in the picture, is 484mm long and weighs in at a hefty 29kg. The question was, what kind of drive do I need to utilise these motors.


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