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2009-11-25 19:29



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CNC - The second machine - Intro

So this is how the machine looks like today (Sep 2007). I started building it in April 2000 and it'll probably never be completely finished....

There will always be something I want to add or improve upon. Next up will probably be to add an extra pair of linear bearings on the Z-axis to increase rigidity and perhaps a cable chain for the spindlemotor power and coolant hoses.










Here's some short technical data:

  • Table size: 600 X 210mm

  • Work envelope: ca 320 X 220 X 250mm. (X, Y, Z)

  • Spindle: 1.1kW, 3-phase, ER16, software controlled VFD, speed 0 - 10.000rpm.

  • Ballscrews: 16mm dia, 4mm pitch with adjustable nuts.

  • Motors: 520oz/in NEMA34 on all axis.

  • Motordrives: Gecko G210 at 10uSteps.

  • Resolution: 0.002mm (electrical)

  • Control: Standard PC with Mach3


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