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2009-09-22 18:47




  New Spindle





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CNC - BT30 Spindle - Drawbar Assembly

The drawbar assembly consists of these three main parts:


Starting from the left we have what I call the "tube" then there's the actuall drawbar and to the right we have the gripper. The gripper fits inside the lower part of the tube so that when the drawbar pulls it up into the tube the chamfer in the tube forces the balls to grip around the toolholders pullstud. The tube is made from SS2511 steel and the lower half, where the gripper sits is hardened. The gripper is also made from SS2511 and hardened.


This photo shows the finished parts for the drawbar assembly before sending them out for hardening. There's also a BT30-ER16 toolholder with pullstud.









Here's a shot of the tube and the gripper with the balls mounted. They are 6mm steel "ball bearing balls" and the holes in the gripper  are machined so that they can't fall out on the "inside" of the gripper.





These two last photos shows the gripper "in action". To the left the drawbar is pushed down and the balls are free to be pushed out of the gripper so that the toolholder can be released.

To the right the drawbar is pulled up and the balls is pushed in by the chamfer it the tube.




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